What is Goliathus.cz ?

Goliathus.cz is an exciting new project dedicated to the creation of a large interactive entomological database. For this we are currently developing a web based insect museum. The goal of this museum is to provide the largest online compilation of high quality insect photos, collection data, and other species information to the general public. This information will be accessible and understandable to anyone from the average entomological hobbyist to the experienced professional.
For now the focus is on Coleoptera and Lepidoptera, but as the project becomes more successful other orders will be added.

Current Museum Status:

Right now, there are 279 entries with photos in 33 categories.
We are seeking contributions of photos and collection data from reliable sources. Credit for all contributions will be given on all data/photos, and permanent FREE access will be given to early contributors! Contact us for more info or check this page.

Something more you would like to see?

Do you have an idea of new page (or section) not available on other entomological sites? Contact us! We look forward to collaboration on any and all aspects of this project!

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